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Recognization Of Hospitals/Medical Related Orders

 • OM regarding Apollo Hospital Indraprastha New Delhi.

 • OM regarding Krishna Hospital Haldwani.

 • OM regarding Doctor Vishwas Bansal, Bansal Dental and Orthodontic Care, 375, vivek vihar, Haridwar.

 • OM regarding Drishti Eye Institute Dehradun.

 • OM regarding Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi.

 • OM regarding Garg ENT Dehradun.

 • OM regarding Fortis Escorts, NewDelhi.

 • OM regarding Neelkanth Netralaya, Haridwar.

 • OM regarding Max Hospital, Dehradun.

 • OM regarding City Hospital, Haridwar.

 • OM regarding Dr. Saurabh Jain (orthocare Dental Speciality Centre), Dehradun.

 • OM regarding Dhanvantari Hospital Vikasnagar Dehradun.

 • OM regarding Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute And Research Centre, New Delhi.

 • Rate list of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer institute and Research center, New Delhi.

 • Extension of impaneled hospital CMI vide OM no. 178/UJVNL/05/Director HR/DGM(IR)/Empanelment of Hospitals Dated: 30/07/2019.

 • Rate list of Shri Mahant Indresh Hospital, Dehradun vide OM: 165/UJVNL/05/Director HR/DGM(IR)/Empanelment of Hospitals Dated: 29/07/2019.

 • Extension of recognition of Dr. Ashwini Dobhal for Dental Treatment vide OM no. 134/UJVNL/05/Director HR/DGM(IR)/Empanelment of Hospitals Date 02/07/2019.

 • To discontinue empanelment of DOON NURSING HOME , HR OM no. 7742/UJVNL/05/IR/M-4 Dated 28.08.2018.

 • Rate List of Kalindi Hospital and Heart Institute Vikasnagar, Dehradun.

 • Revision of Empanelment Order of Amritsar Eye Clinic, Dehradun vide OM no. 5/UJVNL/05/Director(HR)/DGM(IR)/M-1/Amritsar Dated 01/12/2018.

 • Extension to empanelment of Brajlal Hospital and research centre, Nainital road, Haldwani vide OM no. 5325/UJVNL/05/IR/M-4 dated 08/06/2018.

 • Extending cashless facility at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi vide OM no. 4864/UJVNL/05/IR/M-4 dated 28/05/2018.

 • Empanelment of Kailash hospital, Haridwar road, near jogiwala chowk, Dehradun.

 • Extension of Empanelment City hospital, super complex, ranipur mod, haridwar.

 • Extension of empanelment of Bharat Heart Institute, Dehradun/ Sanjeevani Dental Clinik, Vikasnagar, Dehradun/ Chamunda Surjical and Laproscopic center, Kashipur Vide OM No. 3461/3462/4713 Dated:19/04/2018, 19/04/2018 & 25/05/2018.

 • Extension of empanelment of Synergy Institute of medical Sciences, Ballupur Chowk, Dehradun. Vide OM No. 4354, Dated: 15/05/2018

 • Extension of empanelment of Archana Luthra Hospital Dehradun,as per om no.-4202 dated:08/05/18.

 • Regarding claim settelment of working spouse as per om no.-3834 dated:27/04/18

 • Extension of Empanelment of Swastik Hospital,lohiahead Road, Khatima, and Dristi Eye Clinic, Dehradun. as per OM No. 3277 & 3276 Dated: 11/04/2018

 • चिकित्या प्रतिपूर्ति प्रकरणों के साथ संलग्न किये जाने वाले जांच प्रपत्र (check list) के संबंध में - 25.02.2016

 • HR O/M No 1820 w.r.t Regarding the rate list of treatment in Mukesh Dhanda Dental Clinic, Dehradun dated 24.02.2018

 • HR O/M No 647 w.r.t Regarding the rates list of additional treatments in Amritsar eye clinic dated 18.01.2018

 • HR O/M No. 4073 & 6286 w.r.t empanelment of Patil Dental Clinic & Orthocare Dental Speciality care, Dehradun dated 06.09.2017

 • HR Office Memorandum w.r.t empanelment of Hospitals in the month of August 2017

 • Empanelment of the Eye Clinic, Dehradun

 • Empanelment of Synergy Institute of Medical Science, Dehradun

HR Letter no. 3346 & 3347/UJVNL/05/HR/Anu-03/M-4/ dated 27.05.2015 w.r.t Extension of validity of empanelment and cashless facility at SYNERGY HOSPITAL, Dehradun and MEDANTA HOSPITAL, Gurgaon

 • HR Letter No. 1228,1232,1231,946,602-UJVNL/05/HR/Anu-III/M-4 w.r.t Empanelment/Reimbursement of Hospitals/Medical bills dt 06.03.2017

 • HR OM No. 5589/UJVNL/05/HR/Anu-3/M-4 w.r.t Reimbursement of Medical Bills dated 06.08.2016

 •Letter No. 4769 & 4559/UJVNL.05/HR/Anu-03/M4 w.r.t List of Empanelment of Hospitals dated 08&05 July 2016

 • O/Ms w.r.t Empanelled Hospital for the month of July 2015 to November 2015

 • OM W.R.T Committees for Empaneling of Private Hospitals

 • OM no. 4072/ujvnl/05/karmik/anu-03/m-04 Dated:28/06/2016. extension Order of Drishti Eye Institute, Dehradun.

 • OM No. 4384/ujvnl/05/karmic/anu-03/M-04, Dated: 27/06/2016. Regarding termination of empanelment of Bhartari Nursing Home, Dehradun.

 • OM no. 3783/ujvnl/05/karmik/anu - 03/M-4/identity card. dated: 07/06/2016, Regarding Issuing of Health Card.

 • OM No. 1906&2449 - extension order of Bansal Dental Clinic, Dehradun and Rate list in addition to previous list of Swastik Hospital, khatima.(U S Nagar)

 • Extension of Empanelment of Garg Dental Clinic, Dehradun. And addition of Procedure/Treatment at Amritsar Eye Clinic, Dehradun. (Dated: 12.05.2016).

 • Empanelment of Brajlal Hospital And Research centre Pvt. Ltd, Aanadi Tower, Nainital Road, haldwani. (Dated: 21.04.2016).

 • Medical Related Order of Fortis Hospital, Dehradun / Swastik Hospital, Katima/ kalindi Hospital, Vikas Nagar, Dehradun.

 • Extension order for Empanelment of Metro hospital, Haridwar. / Dr. K. P Sharma, Dental Care Dehradun. / City hospital, Haridwar. / CMI hospital, dehradun / Aastha Hospital, Dehradun / Dr. Rohilla Dental care, Dehradun. / Neelkanth hospital, Haridwar. / Kaniska Hospital, Dehradun. (Dated: 19/01/2016)

 • Removal of Kalawati Hospital Ozone Therapy & Trauma center, Dehradun from panel

 • Extension order for empanelment of Drishti Eye Institute

 • Extension order for empanelment of Mahant Indresh Hospital

 • Extension order for empanelment of SRD Dental Clinic and Oro-Facial Surgical Centre

 • Empanelment of Chauhan Hospital, VikasNagar

 • Empanelment of Metro Hospital and heart Institute, Sidkul, Haridwar

 • Empanelment of Jivan Rekha Hospital, Kashipur

 • OM regarding medical

 • Empanelment of Bansal Dental & Orthodontic Care, Dehradun

 • Empanelment of Fortis Escort Hospital, Dehradun

 • Empanelment of Garg Dental Clinic, Dehradun

 • Empanelment of Max Super Speciality Hospital, Dehradun

 • Empanelment of Synergy Institute of Medical Science, Dehradun

 • List of All Hospitals/Medical Institutes Empanelment by UJVNL

 • Matenity Leave Orders

• Medical Reimbursement (100%) For Empaneled/Non Empaneled Hospitals outside State

Medical Orders for CMI-Sleep Study Charges, Mahant Indiresh-MRI Charges and Artificial Denture.

• Recognization Of Apollo Clinic, Dehradun

• Recognization Of Nirmal Hospital, Rishikesh  

Collection of Orders Related to Medical Reimbursement issued till 30.09.2012 

Medical Allowance vide letter no. 12038/UJVNL Dated 20 December 2012

Empanelment of Jankalyan Hospital Dehradun, SRD Dental Clinic Dehradun, Krishna Surgical Centre  Vikasnagar, Chauhan Hospital Vikasnagar & Bhandari Hospital Vikasnager and U.P. Based Empanelled Hospitals

Empanelment of Bharat Heart Institute Hospital Dehradun

Empanelment of Bhartari Hospital, Dehradun for Ultrasound

Empanelment of Bhartari Nursing Home, Dehradun

Empanelment of Chamunda Surgical & Laproscopic Centre, Kashipur

Empanelment of Daksh Balaji Ortho Hospital, Haridwar

Empanelment of Various Dental Hospitals

Empanelment of Dhanvantari Hospital, Vikasnagar

Empanelment of Drishti Eye Centre Dehradun, Nav Jyoti Eye Hospital Dehradun and Amritsar Eye Clinic Dehradun

Empanelment of Kanishk Hospital, Dehradun

Empanelment of Premsukh Hospital, Dehradun

Empanelment of Swastik Hospital, Khatima

Empanelment of Lifeline Hospital & M K Hospital Dehradun

Package Rates applicable under CGHS, Delhi

Empanelment of Aastha Hospital, Dehradun

Empanelment of CMI Hospital, Dehradun

Empanelment of Mahant Indiresh Hospital, Dehradun

Empanelment of Orthocare Dental Center, Dehradun

Empanelment of Patil Dental Clinic, Dehradun

• Empanelment of Archana Hospital Dehradun 

Delegation of Financial Powers to DGM (IR) to Sanction Medical Reimbursement from Rs. 10001.00 to Rs. 25000.00    

• Order as on 5.12.13 

• Order as on 5.12.13 

• Order as on 7.12.13 

• Order as on 26.12.13 

• Order as on 26.12.13 

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