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Future Plan Of Capacity Addition

Future Plan of Capacity Addition

A total 172300 kW capacity addition has been targeted as under:

S.No Project District Capacity (KW) Year of Completion
1 Asiganga-I Uttarkashi 4500 2010-11
2 Asiganga-II Uttarkashi 4500 2011-12
3 Asiganga-III Uttarkashi 9000 2012-13
4 Dunao Pauri Garhwal 1500 2012-13
5 Sobla-I Pithoragarh 8000 2011-12
6 Suwarigad Uttarkashi 2000 2012-13
7 Tankul Pithoragarh 12000 2012-13
8 Kaliganga-I Rudraprayag 4000 2010-11
9 Kaliganga-II Rudraprayag 6000 2010-11
10 Madhyamaheshwar Rudraprayag 15000 2011-12
11 Kalidigad Uttarkashi 9000 2011-12
12 Sonegad Uttarkashi 3000 2012-13
13 Suringad II Pithoragarh 5000 2012-13
14 Urgam II Chamoli 3800 2012-13
15 Painagad Pithoragarh 9000 2012-13
16 Pilangad II Uttarkashi 4000 2012-13
17 Bhilangana-II- 2A Tehri 24000 2012-13
18 Bhilangana-II- 2B Tehri 24000 2012-13
19 Bhilangana-II- 2C Tehri 24000 2012-13
The Setting up of SHPs in the state of Uttarakhand would help in the overall development of the state especially in the remote areas in the hills. It is a known fact that supplying improved energy services to people for the first time is difficult, supplying such services profitably to very poor people who live far away from roads and the electricity grid poses a particularly difficult challenge. Nevertheless, the access to electricity in the remote areas would generate livelihood and the impact can be spread to marginalized people and then to social activities. UJVNL is in the process of proposing new SHPs for CDM for earning Emission Reduction credits which will generate additional revenue for SHPs and make them financially viable. "It is easier to make the profitable social, than to make the social profitable" and UJVNL is aware that in planning SHP investments it is important to consider the plant for securing livelihood at an early stage and then to see how the impact can be spread to masses and for social activities. UJVNL is endeavoring to set up the SHPs so as bring about development in the remote areas of Uttarakhand there by facilitating overall development of the state.

Strategy for future capacity addition

(a) Presently, UJVNL takes up the construction of the SHPs only after carrying out detailed survey (s), investigation (s) and engineering including cost optimization of various options. This requires collection of Hydrological and geological data besides synthesizing the same for arriving at a most economical engineering option. The entire work is outsourced to reputed agencies for timely completion besides maintaining the quality of work. Based on the past experience of the geology, metrology and the topography, safe designs have been adopted and where ever found necessary power channels have been replaced by tunnels.

(b) Some of the other improvements in the process of development of SHPs are that:-

I. Geological Surveys are being conducted in thorough manner so as to locate the power station at a safe place making it less prone to natural calamities.

II. Power Channels are more prone to land slides/cloud bursting etc, therefore the water conductor system is being changed to tunnel as per site specific conditions.

III. Machines of simple design are planned to be used for the power stations located in far off areas for their easy operation & maintenance.

IV. Staff posted at these power stations is being given proper training in the operation & maintenance so as to minimize the break down time.
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