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  • Largest pre-1910 plant located at Galogi, Uttarakhand (Dehradun-Mussoorie Road).
  • North India's first underground power house at Chibro.
  • India's first tandem operation of Chibro-Khodri Power Station.
  • India's first 220 KV two tier switchyard at Chibro Power station.
  • Trifurcation of H.R.T. (Partly) of Khodri Power Station due to Inter-Thrust Zone. 
  • Replacement of runner chamber by N.S. Grout & Epoxy filling at Chilla Power Station for the first time in India. 
  • 2000 engineer-years of hydropower O & M experience.
  • International level Design & Research facilities at Irrigation Design Organization & Irrigation Research Institute at Roorkee.
  • Generation (MU) Since Formation of UJVNL
Associated Sites  |  Site Map
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