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Tender Categorization

For proper categorization of "Tender Sets" they are Classified and under each Classification they are further subcategorized into Head. Details of Classification & Head are here under:-

 Sno  Classification  Head

 Electrical & Mechanical

 a. Purchase of Store.
 b.  Special/Capital Work
 c. O & M Work.
 d. Annual Maintenance Work Contracts 




 a. Purchase of Cement
 b. Purchase of Store Items.
 c. Annual M& R Work.
 d. Special M&R Work
 e. Capital Work


 a. Renovation, Modernization & Uprating.
 b. Civil
 c. Design
 d. O & M Work
 e. Services. 



 Computer & Software



 a. Purchase/Upgradation of hardware & Software.
 b. Web Services.
 c. Repair
 d. Annual Service Contract 

  Administration Work & 
 a. Security Services.
 b. Other Administrative Works  

 Capital Item Purchase 

 a. Furniture & Fixtures.
 b. Vehicle.
 c.  Electrical Equipment/Fittings.
 d. Photostats/Fax Machine 


 a. Cleaning & Sweeping of Power Houses/Offices.
 b. Cleaning & Sweeping of Residential Colony.
 c. Hiring of Transport Vehicle. 
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